EARTH is Igniting Hope, Tolerance, and Respect in the World!

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Date: February 6th, 2024

Delight Elorm Komashie (Class of 2027, Ghana) has a contagious smile and is full of light. She is also shy, quiet, and sensitive. For her, leaving Ghana to study in Costa Rica was an opportunity to open up to the world, live in a tolerant and egalitarian place, and learn to communicate what she thinks and feels.

Before embarking on the long journey from Ghana’s capital of Accra to our Guácimo Campus, Delight took care of her nephews and nieces while she looked for ways to continue studying for a professional career as her family didn’t have the financial resources for her to attend a university. However, a family friend told her about EARTH University, motivated her to apply, and helped her with the admissions process.

In the group interview, which is one of the steps for admission, she was afraid that her shyness would hinder her advancement. However, she succeeded in doing her best and proving that she deserved both a place at EARTH and the opportunity to receive support from the Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program to achieve her goal.

Although Delight’s father works as a teacher, he has always been involved in farming. Delight worked alongside him for three years, taking over a small farm dedicated to pig production. This was her first introduction to the agricultural industry, and where she learned about animal care and the balanced nutrition they should receive. From then on, she was confident that she wanted to dedicate herself to farming and focus mainly on animal production.

“I want to return to my country full of knowledge about technology and agriculture to help my people produce healthy and good quality food. In the future, I want to create new jobs and improve the quality of life for the people in my community, which is why I am here today,” Delight says.

Delight arrived in Costa Rica at the beginning of October to participate in the four-month-long Spanish Language and Cultural Induction Program, where our non-Spanish-speaking future students learn the language and prepare to enter the EARTH Academic Program. During those months, she lived with a Costa Rican family in a community near the Guácimo Campus and learned about the Spanish language and about Costa Rican culture and food. She shared as much about herself with her Costa Rican family as she could, and traveled to EARTH each day to take classes with her future colleagues.

“The Spanish Program is important because we are many students from different countries, backgrounds, and cultures, exposed to a new life. Everything we learn in class involves tolerance and respect,” she adds, with a broad smile.

We wish Delight and her classmates a successful start at EARTH in January 2024!