Dr. Jose A. Zaglul
Position: Rector E-mail: jzaglul@earth.ac.cr - Phone: (506) 2713 0000 Ext. 4001
Dr. Zaglul has been President of EARTH University since its inception in 1989 and has provided the vision and leadership for this innovative institution and its unique educational environment that encourages the development of responsible leadership based on values, social commitment, environmental consciousness, academic excellence and an entrepreneurial and enterprising spirit. Read more.

Dr. Daniel Sherrard
Position: Provost
E-mail: dsherrar@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 2713 0000 Ext. 3001

MSc. Carlos Murillo
Position: Director of EARTH – La Flor
E-mail: cmurillo@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 713-0000 Ext: 7000-7060

Ing. Gerardo Mirabelli
Position:Vice President of Development
E-mail: gmirabel@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 2713 0000 Ext.4003

Tobías Gómez
Position: Director Students Affairs Office
E-mail: tagomez@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 2713 0000 Ext. 3600
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Sr. Luis Fernando Coto
Position: General Manager, EARTH campus
E-mail: lfcotop@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 2713 0000 Ext.2700

Sr. Roger Ruiz
Position: General Manager, VTH (Variedades del Tropico Humedo)
E-mail: rruiz@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 2713 0000 Ext. 7100

Junior Acosta
Position: Director, Admissions
E-mail: admisiones@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 2713-0000 Ext: 3700

Sr. Nico Evers
Position: Director, International Academic Relations
E-mail: nicoevers@earth.ac.cr
Phone: (506) 2713-0000 Ext: 3214