Expanding EARTH’s reach in the dry tropics

In 2004, the family of former Costa Rican President, Daniel Oduber Quiros donated “Hacienda  La Flor”—3,900 acres of land in Liberia, Guanacaste, Costa Rica to EARTH University, with the intention of promoting regional development.

Since arriving at this unique campus, EARTH’s staff, faculty and students have committed themselves to discovering potential development alternatives that meet the University’s principles and criteria and embody our values and mission. After researching and consulting with leaders and experts, we planning and developing this campus, which promises to be a hub of research, development and innovation.

Currently, third-year students spend seven weeks at EARTH-La Flor, living and working on sustainable development projects in the surrounding communities. The campus offers open seminars and capacity-building programs in areas such as solar, wind and mini-hydroelectric energy, biomass, biogas and waste management, as well as in carbon neutrality, entrepreneurship and sustainable agriculture. The campus’ farms also produce rice, sugarcane and mangos (for both the local market and export), hay and beef.

Ad Astra Rocket Company, the National Training Institute (INA, in Spanish) and Casa Phillips, Ltd., have joined the project as great supporters of our efforts to create a unique collaborative development in Guanacaste.

 Becoming a leader of change for Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and the world

Soon there will be an opportunity to take part in this ambitious project, which will foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and social and environmental well-being.

We are in the process of developing the first Science and Technology Industrial Park in Central America. Located in Guanacaste, just five minutes from the Daniel Oduber International Airport (LIR), it will unite the academic, business, entrepreneurial and financial sectors to cultivate ideas, create high-quality employment, and promote innovation in clean energy, water management, waste transformation, advanced technology, value-added agriculture and the spirit of social entrepreneurship.
The project includes the development of ecological residences (Eco-villas), a bilingual primary/secondary school, and commercial and service areas to support the park and its surrounding communities.

The permits and financial negotiations have moved forward, and doors are expected to open in 2013.

Corporations, Research & Development and individuals who wish to be part of EARTH’s vision for a more sustainable world may contact:

Carlos G. Murillo Martínez
Director, EARTH-La Flor
E-mail: cmurillo@earth.ac.cr
Telephone: +506 2713-0468
+506 2713-0480
+506 8705-6998