EARTH President’s Alumni Advisory Council’s objective is to provide strategic support to the President through the eyes and experiences of graduates and to put forward ideas and proposals that help to strengthen the University’s work and mission.

Sergio Araujo
(Class of 1995, Costa Rica)
Position: President

Marco González Vargas
(Class of 1995, Costa Rica)

Luis Paulino Gabert Carrillo
(Class of 1996, Costa Rica)

Alcibiades Hinestroza Cordoba
(Class of 1996, Colombia)

Lenín Vera
(Class of 2000, Ecuador)

Ines Mendoza
(Class of 2000, Perú)

Juan Mario Rojo Saucedo
(Class of 2004, Bolivia)

Gustavo Murillo
(Class of 2004, Costa Rica)

David Villegas García
(Class of 2008, Colombia)

Alexi Mendoza
(Class of 2008, Honduras)

Priscila Picado
(Class of 2010, Costa Rica)

Eliécer Soto
(Class of 2010, Costa Rica)

July Stefanny Ortiz Gutiérrez
(Class of 2013, Colombia)

Marvin Efraín García Munguía
(Class of 2013, Guatemala)