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Community Development Program

The Community Development Program (CDP) is a learning platform that promotes knowledge exchange between students and communities. It contributes to developing our students’ skills and attitudes and to strengthen their qualities as change agents who are capable of participating in the formulation and implementation of projects that promote an improvement in the quality of life in Guacimo’s communities.

The CDP’s three core objectives are:

  • Strengthen awareness raising and social and environmental commitment in EARTH students by interacting with local and community stakeholders.
  • Support the teaching-learning and research processes for faculty and students at EARTH University aimed to generate changes for rural sustainability.
  • Generate knowledge and experience exchange between EARTH University and local and community stakeholders to promote rural well-being.

The core areas in the Community Development Program are:

Sustainable Agribusiness Development Management: by promoting best agricultural and livestock practices, designs for integrated farms, renewable energy types, proper waste management, and environmental education. Organizational Social Development Management: by developing interpersonal skills that promote the strengthening of organizational structures and social empowerment. Business Management: by developing an entrepreneurial mentality and raw material transformation processes by developing business plans and administrative processes, (accounting, commercialization and marketing of rural micro-enterprises).
Responsible Party: Luis Carazo Badilla, MSc. Responsible Party: Kimberly Coto Vargas, MSc. Responsible Party: Paula Morales Flores, Esq.

Community work

Each year more than 140 students participate in different projects of community extension:

Fourth year students: 6,480 hours.


First and Second year students: 13,320 hours.


Advisory professors: 2,700 hours.


Project managers: 6,702 hours.


Success Stories