“The 1990s saw dramatic changes for the banana industry in Costa Rica. EARTH arrived with aggressive programs that challenged the modus operandi. They believed that progressive agriculture techniques that respected human and natural resources would work.”

Peter Gilmore
Former general manager
Standard Fruit Company

A brief history of EARTH University™ Bananas

In the late 1980s, EARTH took hold of the property where the campus stands today, inheriting with it a commercial banana farm. Environmental consultants recommended closing down the farm, and while we listened to their arguments, we ignored their advice. We saw an opportunity to serve as an example to our students, to prove to the world that sustainability can be achieved, and to transform an industry.

Our commitment to social responsibility

We provide fair wages, safe working conditions and development opportunities. This commitment to social responsibility has earned our products the certification of these programs: Sourced for Good, Rainforest Alliance, Global Gap, Farmers’ Selection and WWF.

EARTH’s environmental leadership

EARTH University Bananas are grown on our campus using innovative, environmentally-friendly practices for healthy, great-tasting fruit. Our bananas are Rainforest Alliance Certified.

  • Our banana farm is divided in blocks that are surrounded by forest, promoting biodiversity and healthy ecosystems.
  • We convert production waste into compost and is reincorporated to the soil.
  • We recycle the plastic bags and rope used in fields.
  • We have planted ground covering in our drainage ditches to reduce erosion and prevent water contamination.
  • The reforested areas along the creeks and rivers help prevent erosion and water contamination.
  • We apply effective microorganisms and organic products to reduce the application of chemical fungicides on our farm.
  • We are a live resource for our academic research and innovation projects.


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