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Date: November 18th, 2014

Edda Silva (’00, Guatemala) and Darío González (’02, Guatemala) have many things in common: an alma mater, love for their native country and a commitment to creating positive change. Although they chose different paths to achieving their goals, both Edda and Darío practice the values of sustainability and community development that define an EARTH graduate.

Edda has dedicated her career to rural extension in Guatemala and currently works with underprivileged youth. She says, “My experience working with people in rural communities has had a big impact. They are people who always have something to give, always. These kinds of things really change your life, it makes you realize what is important and you understand that you are in this world for a reason.”

For Darío, EARTH’s focus on ethical entrepreneurship gave him the tools and confidence he needed to become a small business owner. Between his two companies-Industrial Hydroservices and Agrícola Monteverde-he has created more than 30 jobs in his region.

He says “At EARTH we developed entrepreneurial skills as pillars of our education, and as graduates we try to identify the existing needs of a community and transform them into opportunities to develop our society.”

Watch the videos (available with English subtitles) to learn more about how Edda and Darío are contributing to a more just and prosperous Guatemala.

Edda Silva (’00, Guatemala)

Darío González (‘02, Guatemala)


  1. Pascual P says:

    How thoughtful of Edda, we expect the efforts of many people is recognized by history and transforming Guatemala.

  2. Fatumah Birungi says:

    ¡¡Wow!! so encouraging I wish all the students who leave EARTH, we can be to be agentes of change in our communities.

  3. Rudy Reteig says:

    Que buena cosa. Querria agregar que estos estudiantes deben aprender tambien que importantisimo es para manajar los desechos organicos. tratar estos desechos en biodigestores para captar el gas metano, junto ma otros, evitando que se vayan el la atmosfera. Ademas puede utilizar este gas, llamado bigas para cocinar, calentar y generar energia electrica.

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