EARTH Graduate Gains Competitive PepsiCo Internship

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Date: July 31st, 2023

In 2020, PepsiCo, a multinational company that generates millions of jobs worldwide, initiated the program “Siembra” to provide entry-level jobs to women agronomists in Ecuador, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Peru, and Colombia. The program offers a one-year internship during which the chosen person is encouraged to reach her maximum potential in a positive, inclusive work environment.

When Luisa González (’21, Guatemala) graduated from EARTH and began an exhaustive job search, she learned about the Siembra program from the efforts of the Development Office in cooperation with EARTH’s Graduate Relations Office. She applied, hoping to be hired for the one position opening every year, a position for which about 400 women compete. The application process included exams, interviews, and challenges related to leadership skills, innovation, and developing sustainable solutions. After several stages and much effort, Luisa was chosen as the 2023 Siembra intern.

Currently, Luisa works in the agronomy department focusing on administrative processes for importing all the raw materials used by PepsiCo and Frito Lay – a subsidiary company – to make some of their main products. Luisa oversees importing and domestic purchasing of crops such as potatoes, bananas, and corn.

“PepsiCo seemed like a big dream to me, just like EARTH. And with both experiences, I had difficulty believing I had made it. It’s such a significant achievement, and it seemed out of reach. This job is fascinating! All the employees have fair wages, and we can continue studying for a postgraduate degree. I feel that PepsiCo opens doors for me to develop my career path and pursue my interests. It’s a friendly environment and people are very open to talking to each other; it feels very inclusive. It’s a dream come true,” says Luisa.

Luisa credits studying at EARTH in helping her gain the position, as it requires communicating with people from all over the world and from different cultures and ways of doing things. Thanks to her experience during her international internship in Holland, the various academic activities at EARTH, and daily interaction with people from more than 35 nations, Luisa benefited from developing a high level of resilience, social-emotional skills, and tolerance.

We thank PepsiCo for creating tremendous opportunities for women like Luisa with exceptional potential and a huge desire to grow.