Free multimedia exhibits inspire young innovators

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Date: August 28th, 2018

August, 2018 (LIBERIA, Costa Rica) — Young Costa Ricans have a new space in which to discover how to generate fresh ideas for promoting sustainable development.

Science Corner at EARTH University’s

The Science Corner at EARTH University’s La Flor campus in Guanacaste recently installed a handful of interactive modules – thanks to designs and implementation by EARTH students. The hands-on units explore the topics of waste management, resource conservation, and renewable energy use and expansion. The new programs were created with child and adolescent learners in mind.

The Science Corner is a multimedia-equipped learning center that encourages the fusion of scientific and creative thinking in youth. Through its work, the Corner aims to inspire the entrepreneurial spirit, social justice, technological innovation and novel environmental protection techniques.

The Center receives approximately 500 visitors annually. Its offerings include field trip curation, books, magazines, movies, AV equipment, consulting services, documentary screenings, high-speed Internet access, workshops and conferences, and special exhibits.

Admission to the Science Corner is free and open to groups of up to 40 students, ages 9 to 16. All visit requests should be directed to

The Science Corner is a reality thanks to the Costa Rican Ministry of Public Education, the U.S. Embassy in Costa Rica, the Guanacaste Community Fund, the CRUSA Foundation and EARTH University.

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