Changing the lives of thousands around the world

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Date: April 26th, 2018

As EARTH’s president, I have had the opportunity to meet wonderful people who firmly believe in the mission of this university and work tirelessly to make it a reality. I’ve listened to hundreds of stories about how EARTH has impacted the lives of students who come from rural and often impoverished areas of many corners of the world; I have seen the tenacious work of alumni who have started their own ventures; I have witnessed the efforts and contribution of staff and faculty so that thousands of young people can change the world; I have spoken with members of communities neighboring our two campuses with whom students have the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge; and I have spoken with donors who see the positive impact of their contributions on people who, upon graduation, return to their communities as leaders who drive positive transformation.

The challenges facing our society are pressing and affect us all, and the mission of EARTH – an institution that changes the lives of thousands of people around the world year after year – has never been as important as it is today. EARTH promotes leadership and ethics in its classrooms, laboratories and farms, and facilitating intercultural, environmental and social understanding makes the University an important catalyst for change.

If you already know and support EARTH, I extend my sincere thanks and invite you to get to know more about what we do. Visit us and learn how we educate hundreds of young people from more than 40 nations, and find out what our graduates have done and do to change and improve their communities, proving unquestionably how our school fulfills its mission by contributing to sustainable development and constructing a prosperous and just society. Our efforts and our results come from the persistent enthusiasm of people like you. It is your dedication and determination, and your passion to promote our mission, which makes all of this possible. If you still do not know EARTH, come, find out, and read the stories and news about these inspiring young people and their determination.

Arturo Condo

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