Private sector promotes carbon neutrality in western Costa Rica

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Date: May 12th, 2016
  • EARTH University certifies Ferretería Jorcel, Hotel La Posada and Agrícola El Cántaro as carbon-neutral companies.
  • The verification of the three companies is part of a private sector movement to optimize production practices, improve environmental management systems and achieve carbon neutrality in the western region of Costa Rica.

Carbono neutroFerretería Jorcel, Hotel La Posada and Agrícola El Cántaro, companies located in the western region of Costa Rica, implemented the requisite rules to obtain c-neutrality. This process was carried out by EARTH University’s Carbon Neutral Unit, which is accredited by the Costa Rican Verifying Body (ECA) to validate and verify c-neutral companies.

To achieve carbon neutrality, they first completed a carbon inventory, which allowed them to calculate the amount of GHG emissions and begin actions to reduce and remove carbon emissions. Their certification is the result of a private sector movement in the western region to optimize production practices and offer sustainable goods and services to the nation.

“With this certification, these private companies contribute to the environmental development of the country, reduce waste, optimize production practices and increase their opportunities to be more competitive in the environmentally-friendly goods and services market,” explains Edmundo Castro, coordinator of the Carbon Neutral Unit at EARTH.

Jorge Adrián Araya, owner of Ferretería Jorcel and president of the San Ramón Carbon Neutral Commission, states that, “I am proud of the region for showing that businesses can and should lead the path to carbon neutrality. We hope that this effort will be recognized by the government and by our consumers. Without a doubt, the west has a lot to offer the country.”

EARTH University President José Zaglul comments that, “EARTH University recognizes and admires the efforts shared by communities, private companies and local governments to promote actions in favor of carbon neutrality.”

In the region of San Ramón, a foundation comprised of 25 local companies has been actively promoting the project “The path to carbon neutrality” and incentivizing neighboring communities to join their commitment to the environment.

Process to achieve c-neutrality:

  1. GEI emissions inventory
  2. GEI emissions reduction
  3. Carbon removal and/or compensation
  4. ISO 14064-3 verification by an accredited organization
  5. C-neutral certification
  6. Annual monitoring

Source: Edmundo Castro, coordinator of EARTH’s Carbon Neutral Unit.


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