First day of class marks EARTH’s 25th Anniversary

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Date: January 12th, 2015
Panelists Freddy D'Oleo, Jose Zaglul, Jorge Jiménez Deredia and Maddalena Bettoni discuss EARTH's contributions to society.

Panelists Freddy D’Oleo, Jose Zaglul, Jorge Jiménez Deredia and Maddalena Bettoni discuss EARTH’s contributions to society.

Today, EARTH University celebrates both the beginning of a new school year and its 25th Anniversary with a special Inauguration Ceremony held on campus. This year we had the honor of hosting a discussion panel with renowned Costa Rican sculptor Jorge Jiménez Deredia, pioneer graduate Freddy D’Oleo (’93, Dominican Republic), new student Maddalena Bettoni (’18, Italy) and EARTH University President José Zaglul.  The panelists discussed the University’s contributions to society and the importance of positively impacting lives as professionals and as human beings.

Nuevos alumnos de la Promoción 2018 de la Universidad EARTH.

New students from the EARTH University Class of 2018.

The 116 new students of the Class of 2018 represent 36 nations in Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa and Europe, and will one day join the more than 1,900 EARTH alumni who are working towards a more just and prosperous society around the world.

José Zaglul reflects that “Today marks the beginning of a new generation of leaders that will illuminate lives by promoting social, economic and environmental wellness in their communities.”


  1. Verónica Albarracín says:

    Formando seres humanos respetuosos de los demás, del ambiente y de sí mismos, sin duda lo lograrán

  2. José A. Recarey Alvarez says:

    Qué bien nos sentimos tus hermanos de AGR Loyola 89, Freddy D’Oleo. Tus éxitos son nuestros.

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