EARTH helps foster relationship between Hewlett Packard and Las Floritas community

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Date: March 6th, 2013

In Las Floritas community, eight excited children watch closely as a better future for them starts to take shape. Thanks to the technology company Hewlett Packard, they will be getting a place where studying is a priority.

With the help of EARTH University, which four years ago made the introduction between this new community and HP, the dream of these kids to learn is about to become true.

Before: Las Floritas School.

EARTH came to this community in 2007 with several students, with the intention of supporting the development goals established by this community. There, during four year, many students worked side by side with 18 local producers to improve production methods and their quality of life. Since then, EARTH’s Community Development Program has remained connected with the community.

Hewlett Packard, which has partnered with EARTH in several projects including the HP Forest, in which HP workers have planted more than 12,000 trees on EARTH’s campus, also contributed to the development of Las Floritas thanks to the introduction made by the University.

After: Las Floritas School.

The company already donated part of the infrastructure needed to build the community center and a playground. This year, the company decided to go further and supported the expansion of the community center, which will be used as a school, benefiting 29 families from this community.

The expansion was made during the second week of February.

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