EARTH University to support network of recycling centers in Costa Rica

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Date: April 4th, 2012

This month, Manrique Arguedas, Program Coordinator for EARTH University’s Rational Use of Resources program was named in representation of EARTH to the Board of Directors of the Citizen Assembly of the Costa Rican Network of Recycling Sorting Centers.

Mr. Arguedas commented: “This initiative will bring multiple social, environmental, economic and health benefits for Costa Rica; it will support pollution reduction and great improvements in the recovery of recyclable waste, and these will be some of the main objectives of this Assembly. To form a part of this entity represents a great opportunity to collaborate on the construction of more sustainable communities.”

By participating in the Assembly, EARTH supports the following specific goals:

• Representing the integrated waste management sector on a national and international level;
• Improving the market conditions for recyclable materials recovered by waste sorting centers;
• Improving work and sanitary conditions in waste sorting centers;
• Contributing to environmental conservation through the recovery of recyclable waste on a national level;
• Establishing alliances with public institutions, private businesses and local governments to apply current regulations in integrated waste management;
• Promoting training and education on the goals of waste sorting centers;
• Establishing national and international agreements that strengthen the Association´s goals.
This involvement will enable the University to spread its message and to actively promote the development and construction of sustainable communities in Costa Rica.