EARTH University receives three Ecological Blue Flag awards

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Date: March 19th, 2012

As part of EARTH University’s mission and the effort made by the Rational Use of Resources Program to obtain the “Ecological Blue Flag” award in 2011, EARTH received a score of 100 percent in all categories.

This award recognizes best practices in institutions with regards to water, energy and cleanliness, as well as initiatives to promote environmental awareness. Organizations can receive Blue Flag awards in different categories with a rating of one to five stars.

Recently, EARTH obtained awards from the Ecological Blue Flag Program in the following categories:

Non coastal community – 4 stars: Recognizing EARTH’s commitment to the protection of natural resources, adequate hygienic conditions and the improvement of health in Costa Rica.

Protected areas– 3 stars: Recognizing EARTH’s promotion and adoption of sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices through the conservation of primary forests, ecotourism, and other activities.

Actions to address climate change– 4 stars: Recognizes EARTH’s efforts to reduce its carbon footprint and minimize risks associated with climate change.

“On our campus we make an effort to systematize and reduce our impact, and at the same time come up with alternative solutions to environmental problems. For more than seven years of working with Ecological Blue Flag Program the University has made inventories, established baselines and established procedures and policies that have shown our concern for reducing our environmental impact, our commitment to improving and our efforts to contribute to building a sustainable and prosperous society,” said Manrique Arguedas, Rational Use of Resources Program Coordinator.

These Ecological Blue Flag Awards will be presented during a ceremony at the Presidential Palace on March 22 and will be raised during a celebration on the EARTH campus on March 26.