Planting it forward: EARTH alumni spearhead new scholarship

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Date: May 2nd, 2018

Oswaldo (top row, fifth from left) and other Guatemalan classmates on their first day of classes in January.

Since its first graduation ceremony in 1993, EARTH University has received generous support from graduates. This year, a group of Guatemalan alumni joined forces to fund a new student’s education through the “Seed Scholarship”.

“We were motivated to give back a little of all that we received while students there. We recognize the quality of the EARTH education system and the importance of forming ethical leaders for Guatemala,” the donors said, desiring to remain anonymous.

The first recipient of the Seed Scholarship is 19-year-old Oswaldo Guzmán (’21, Guatemala). Even though he grew up in an urban area, he developed a strong passion for agriculture from working alongside his relatives in the fields during school vacations.

“We see in Oswaldo the desire to excel. Even without knowing him deeply, we knew he had to become an EARTH student,” one of the donors said.

Oswaldo is eager to learn as much as he can at EARTH.

In the first-year of studies at EARTH, students take courses in crops, engineering, natural sciences, mathematics, entrepreneurship and agro-equipment use. In the photo, Oswaldo is learning how to operate a tractor.

“The University’s methodology is very active and practical. I’ve adapted quickly and have already learned a ton of useful skills,” Oswaldo said. “The cultivation of rice and soy has really captured my interest.”

“My experience at EARTH was unique, enriching and multifaceted. It changed my life and evolved my perspectives. Today, I am part of a global alumni family that fills me with pride. I’m honored to be seen as an EARTH graduate wherever I go,” said one of the donors. “I hope that more graduates add to this initiative and we form more agents of change in our countries. I believe in the maxim ‘you reap what you sow’. By investing in new EARTH students, I am sowing good things of which my kids and future grandkids will enjoy the fruits.”   


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