EARTH University: Then and Now

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Date: July 30th, 2015

In 1985, the 8,342 acres of land where EARTH University now resides was little more than a sprawling cattle pasture surrounded by miles of dense rainforest. Construction of EARTH’s central campus (library, classrooms, covered walkways and offices) began in 1989 and was finished just in time to welcome the first class of students in March of 1990.

Today, our campus is a bonafide tropical paradise, covered with trees and colorful flowers and home to hundreds of species of animals. Throughout the years, additional laboratories, residences and other infrastructure have been added to accommodate our growing community.

Some areas of campus look almost exactly the same as they did when they were built 25 years ago, like this plaza located next to Academic Building 2.

Many bridges were constructed to accommodate the Dos Novillos River that flows throughout much of EARTH’s campus.

No university is complete without a library, and EARTH’s W.K. Kellogg Library is located at the heart of our central campus.

The cafeteria is one of the most important social spaces on campus, where students, faculty, visitors and employees enjoy hot meals served three times a day.

EARTH’s gas station is located between the Tractor Driving Field and the Machine Workshop, making it a convenient place for students to fill up while learning to drive tractors and other farm implements.

Sports and recreation are an important part of campus life and the Sports Complex provides facilities for a wide variety of activities.

This version of the University’s distinctive four-leaf logo has been carefully maintained on the same hill for many years.

This open air shelter located in EARTH’s expansive Forest Reserve often serves as a resting space for students during their Agroforestry classes. The Reserve also receives international visitors, who come to appreciate its natural beauty.


  1. Alexis Mejia says:

    Increíble! Los años pasan, pero la Universidad se mantiene, indudablemente el concepto de “sostenible” lo practica dia con dia por eso despues de 25 años sigue siendo una prestigiosa Institución a beneficio de la sociedad.


    Excelente montaje fotográfico que nos recuerda que somos parte de una organización que evoluciona con el tiempo; pero que a la vez conservamos en nuestra memoria esos cambios que nos han hecho llegar a ser lo que somos hoy. ¡Felicidades por la iniciativa!

  3. Gaudi Beer says:

    Preciosa mi querida Universidad

  4. Eki Victory says:

    Really incredible

  5. Sergio Sánchez says:

    He tenido la dicha de ser proveedor por muchos años de tan distinguida Universidad. Cada vez que la visito me maravillo de su entorno, donde conviven campus y naturaleza en perfecta armonía.

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