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Success in Community

On January 7, 2006, Valodia Flores (Class of 2009, Nicaragua) got on a bus and waved through the window to her mother, who was crying with joy and pride. Valodia was embarking on the journey from Nicaragua to EARTH University in Costa Rica, where she found a safe haven and many blessings. Everything before her eyes was new. And…

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Life at EARTH: Sharing a Campus With Over 40 Nationalities

Walking around EARTH University’s Guácimo campus feels like visiting the United Nations. As you enter the cafeteria, you may hear people speaking Spanish at one table and Shona, Swahili, French, or Quechua at another. The EARTH community has learned to say thank you in many languages, and this cultural richness can be seen in…

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Small actions, big changes: Connecting students to scholarships

Jacob Deng Bol Deng (Class of 2025, South Sudan) is 28 years old and comes from the youngest country in the world. When he was born, South Sudan was embroiled in a lengthy war to achieve independence. The second Sudanese civil war lasted more than 20 years, and it was due to this conflict that Jacob lost his father. Growing up as a…

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