Registrar and Academic Information

The Academic Registrar and Information Office supports EARTH students, graduates, faculty, and staff in the planning, coordination, development, and execution of academic processes. It also safeguards student records, registering and managing information while ensuring compliance with academic regulations.


Our Team:

Sandy Díaz
Director of the Registrar’s Office
Grettel Brenes
Registration Officer
Viviana Menéndez

Registration Officer

Academic Calendar
Quarter Start End Graduation Recovery
I Quarter January 15 April 27 May 13 & 14
II Quarter May 6 August 17 September 2 & 3
III Quarter September 2 December 6 December 6 December 18 & 19
Frequently Asked Questions
What are the hours of operation of the Registrar and Academic Information Office?
Monday through Friday, from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

There are several ways:

1. Through the EARTH University website:

  1. Enter here
  2. Register
  3. Proceed with payment in the Certifications section.


2. By bank deposit:

    1. Through the EARTH University website:
    2. Enter here
    3. Register
    4. Proceed with payment in the Certifications section.
    5. By bank deposit:

      BAC San José:

      Account in USD: 901215236 / IBAN: CR17010200009012152361 
      Account in colones: 901214973 / IBAN: CR93010200009012149732
      Banco de Costa Rica: 
      Account in USD: 001-0000084- 1 / IBAN: CR78015201001000008412
      Account in colones: 001-0131233- 2 / IBAN: CR44015201001013123327
      Banco Nacional de Costa Rica: 
      Account in USD: 100-02-059-600082-5 / IBAN: CR02 0151 0591 0026 000820
      Account in colones: 100-01-059-002306-2 / IBAN: CR46 0151 0591 0010 023061
    6. SINPE móvil (mobile banking app):

Cell number: +506 8393-5048

Name: Universidad EARTH

In all cases, please send the payment receipt to dir

After payment, you will receive your certification within three business days.

On the University’s intranet, under Policies and Regulations. You will be prompted for a username and password if you are off campus.

  • You must have passed all the subjects corresponding to the previous term of the academic schedule.
  • You must have paid or reached a payment agreement with the Financial Vice-President’s Office for the cost of the term to be enrolled and any other pending financial obligations. 
  • In the case of non-Costa Ricans, immigration status must be in good standing.
  • Pay the financial obligations issued by the Financial Vice-President’s Office.
  • Pass all the courses in the curriculum.
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