Environmental Leadership

EARTH University’s Environmental Action Unit exists to advance institutional environmental management by implementing actions on our campuses using management indicators, promoting environmental education, and coordinating the University’s environmental outreach.


The monitoring of sustainability indicators within the University includes keeping data on our energy, water, and solid waste consumption. In addition, environmental education is provided through training and awareness activities on themes involving the entire University community, such as Car Free Day. We aim to spread awareness in the community by sharing environmental practices developed on the University’s campuses through participation in projects that make a significant impact.

The Environmental Action Unit works under five pillars of sustainability in the management of the campuses

  • Solid Waste Management
    The Integrated Solid Waste Management Program promotes reducing, reusing, recovering, and recycling the University’s waste.
  • Energy Management and Alternative Energy Sources
    The Energy Efficiency and Use Program constantly monitors the University’s energy consumption. Investment in energy-efficient and alternative energy technologies, along with constant consumption monitoring, have allowed EARTH to reduce its energy consumption since 2007. 
  • Water Management
    Technologies supporting the reduction of the University’s water consumption, the maintenance of the water management system, and the prevention of leaks in the distribution network have allowed for sustainable water use and its monitoring and control.
  • Carbon Neutrality
    In 2007, the University presented its first CO2 emissions inventory for the Guácimo Campus, making it one of the first institutions in Costa Rica to inventory and reduce emissions through targeted projects. We are also working on reforestation and forest conservation at the Guácimo campus.
    A través de estos esfuerzos, se han logrado bajar las emisiones de los GEI y compensado las emisiones para tener un campus Carbono-Neutral.
  • Institutional Environmental and Energy Policy
    At EARTH University, we believe that the environmental and social threats that put the planet at risk can be prevented and mitigated through education that highlights science and technology and through our focus on the essential human values of leadership and commitment to service.

ISO 50001:2018 Certified

In 2023, EARTH University certified its academic and operational operations under the ISO 50001:2018 Standard for implementing Energy Management measures, making it the first Higher Education Institution in Costa Rica to be certified under this standard.
Ecological Blue Flag Program
This program is a Costa Rican government initiative recognizing organizations that meet strict benchmarks in water quality, environmental education, natural resources management, and security. The University has participated in the program since 2004 and has obtained recognition in 6 categories: Non-Coastal Community, Climate Change, Community Health, Protected Natural Spaces, Sanitary Quality Seal, and Climate Neutral Community.
Environmental Excellence Recognition
In 2016, EARTH presented its first Institutional Environmental Management Plan, becoming the country’s first private Higher Education Institution to voluntarily adopt this program coordinated by the Costa Rican Ministry of Environment and Energy’s Department of Environmental Quality Management. In 2018, EARTH University was recognized for Environmental Excellence by the Ministry.
Costa Rican Network of Sustainable Educational Institutions (REDIES)
EARTH University coordinates and actively participates in the Costa Rican Network of Sustainable Educational Institutions (REDIES in Spanish), which fosters the governance, management, and planning of university campuses under common environmental indicators for the network’s member institutions.
Center for Research and Development in Renewable Energies (CIDER)
Donated by the International Climate Initiative (IKI), this training laboratory located on our Guácimo campus promotes the use of renewable energies and creates a multiplier effect of small- and medium-scale technologies, providing academic support with courses, seminars, and professional experience to implement environmentally friendly technologies.
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