The Internship is a learning experience that students develop in their third year at EARTH. It allows them to learn and develop professionally and personally in an environment outside of the university. It also offers students an opportunity to put their knowledge and skills into practice and demonstrate their values in a work environment.


It is a 15-week program that focuses on professional practices and community work planned and approved by EARTH University. During this time, students carry out work that involves applying and strengthening their acquired knowledge, skills and values, as well as developing transferable competencies and skills for their professional career, under the supervision of a host organization with whom a training plan is developed. It also offers students the opportunity to establish contact with institutions and experts with whom they can learn about technical and current topics.


EARTH students contribute to the host organizations where they work through knowledge and skills in Agricultural Sciences and by proposing improvements, and by promoting ethics and values as the change agents they are learning to be.

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