The Mastercard Foundation – EARTH University Fellowship Program

The Mastercard Foundation - EARTH University Fellowship Program


Since 2011, EARTH University and the Mastercard Foundation have partnered to provide educational opportunities to young leaders whose academic talent and promise exceed their financial resources and to support them in transforming the future of developing regions, particularly Africa. Over 130 Mastercard Foundation Scholars have graduated from EARTH after an intensive, experiential 4-year program in agriculture and natural resources management, and the vast majority of these Scholars have returned to their countries and communities to lead social, environmental, and economic transformation.

Over 130 Mastercard Foundation Scholars have graduated from EARTH

These educated and high-potential youth are eager to activate their entrepreneurial ideas and/or transition to the world of work to create impact in their families, communities, and countries. This Fellowship Program seeks to provide them with meaningful, win-win opportunities to do so. In 2020, the two organizations are launching the Mastercard Foundation-EARTH Graduate Fellowship, a program of competitive, remunerated post-graduate fellowships for EARTH and other Mastercard Foundation Scholar alumni focused on agriculture and rural development. The Fellowship Program will support professional development and entrance to employment and entrepreneurship that will accelerate the impact of these bright young leaders on the continent.

Here’s what our Fellows are saying about the Program

“I have been able to begin establishing a network of professionals through which I now feel confident in navigating as a professional and which has given me a chance to quickly adapt back home…There is so much I have been able to learn. It’s been a unique experience for me, that I am doing things [and] I am also studying for my graduate studies.”
Zimbabwe, Climate Neutral Group

“It was a great opportunity for me because from the first time I read through the materials about the Fellowship – the idea behind the initiative of the Fellowship – I was so excited. From the application process, even being selected among the few Fellows, it was all excitement, the journey. All I can say is I’m grateful. I want to make the best of it.”
Rwanda, One Acre Fund Rwanda

“I have been and continue to be supported…Growing professionally comes with building your experience and it’s exactly what the Fellowship Program has done for me. You gave me an opportunity and platform where I am able to accomplish this.”
Uganda, VASCAPE (Value Addition as Seed for Community Advancement and Poverty Eradication)


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