Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Andrea Rubí / Peru

Class of 2018-2021

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Scholar: Ana Marian González Scholar: Antonio Afonso Timóteo Júnior

Andrea, who comes from the semi-urban district of Chilca in the Peruvian highlands, feels her stay at EARTH will equip her with skills to last a lifetime. “I love the concept of learning by doing. There is no university like this in Peru. At EARTH, the courses are built around experience, internships, and service.”

Upon graduating, Andrea looks forward to returning home and creating change. “It starts with me, then my family and friends, my community and so on. EARTH is helping me to take the first step and be the change.” She plans to help her hometown by teaching neighbors to market their agricultural products worldwide, as opposed to simply selling to intermediaries at a low price. “I want them to make more per kilo of potato and to keep more money in their pockets.”