Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Phenny Adhiambo / Kenya

Province: Nyanza
City/Town: Kisumu
Age: 18

Class of 2014-2017

Scholar: Perseverança da Delfina Khossa Mungofa Scholar: Precious Akampurira

Phenny is 18 years old and hails from the village of Kisumu, in the Nyzana province of Kenya.

Phenny wants to take full advantage of the next four years at EARTH University and learn the skills that will allow her to improve the agricultural practices in her country and make a huge social impact. “I want to learn about sustainable agriculture and using local available materials. There is rapid population growth and limited land, but what I’m realizing here is that you don’t necessarily need a big plot of land to grow food.”

“Another great mission of mine is to help orphans because my region is leading the HIV epidemic and so many children are without parents, and most go directly the streets. There is a great potential in these kids, and I want to do everything to help them,” she concludes.