Prepare leaders with ethical values to contribute
to sustainable development and to construct a
prosperous and just society.
Our students
421 students from 36 countries
Gaining the mindset and skillset needed to be able to
affect positive change and create jobs.
40% female
The highest in our history and an important step
towards achieving our goal of gender equality.
60% of our students receive full scholarships.
In many cases, this represents a once-in-a-lifetime
opportunity to study at a university level. Our
remaining students receive significant financial aid
and/or educational subsidy.
84% of students graduate (in four or five years),
a significantly higher graduation rate than most
universities in the United States and other parts of
the world.
In spite of the wide divergence in educational quality
in secondary schools in rural communities in the
developing world, exceptional support services and
our innovative student-centered educational model
ensure success.
Our alumni
1,829 alumni from 29 countries
Guiding their communities toward a more prosperous
and just future.
4 out of 5 graduates are working in their country of
Demonstrating a strong commitment to going back.
By their 10th alumni reunion, 23% run their own or a
family business.
This is more than double the U.S. national average of
business ownership among college graduates.
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