Former U.S. President Bill Clinton pictured with EARTH
President José Zaglul at the Clinton Global Initiative
Annual Meeting in New York City, September 23-
26, 2013. In addition to speaking about innovation in
environmental education at the meeting, Zaglul also
announced our 2013 CGI Commitment to Action to
create a one-of-a-kind collaborative Global Master’s
program in Health and Sustainable Development
together with the Faculty of Health Sciences at the
American University of Beirut (AUB), in partnership
with The MasterCard Foundation.
Dear friends and supporters,
What happens when you build a university on the
belief that one person can change the world?
EARTH happens.
Some 24 years ago we opened our doors with the
premise that young men and women could not only
become successful professionals, but also ethical
leaders with the capacity and commitment to guide
their families, neighbors and countrymen towards
a more prosperous and just future. To create
opportunities in the areas that need it most, we make
a special effort to recruit youth from disadvantaged
communities around the world. Today we can see
the effect of this one-of-a-kind approach to higher
education: EARTH alumni around the globe are making
a difference. Indeed, they are changing the world.
So every time you give to EARTH you are not just
affecting EARTH’s circle, but every other person with
whom our alumni will share their knowledge, give
dignified employment, promote peace or bring hope.
Thank you for your continued support and
commitment to our vision—none of this would be
possible without you.
José Zaglul
President, EARTH University
© Lynn Hoffman-Brouse for EARTH University
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