The Mastercard Foundation - EARTH University Fellowship Program

Precious Akampurira

Country: Uganda
Track: Entreprenuership
Project: VASCAPE (Value Addition as Seed for Community Advancement and Poverty Eradication)
Business incubator affiliated: Department of Food Science & Technology, Makerere University Kampala
About position: Precious works in adding value to to food products to tackle malnutrition, and wants to use Moringa as a primary product. Her responsibilities include farmer partnerships, food processing and value addition, technology, and distribution. Pitch Link: Link

Precious’s graduation project was called, Coagulation using Moringa oleifera Lamarck, 1783 (Moringaceae) and Solar Radiation Disinfection for River Water Treatment. She chose this topic after becoming more familiar with water treatment during her internship. “Using moringa seeds to filter water is a simple solution that can be implemented back in Uganda. Even though the results of my research did not show that it is 100% effective, it is a way to significantly reduce contamination in water. I hope to go back home and continue collaborating with Water4Girls, an organization that creates awareness of the disproportionate burden faced by girls and women in relation to water scarcity.”

About her EARTH experience, Precious says that the University helped her grow in many important ways. “I have learned to face challenges, to stay focused on my dreams, even when things don´t go the way I expect them. I feel that I am ready to conquer everything now, and that I am prepared for life. I know that it is not an easy road, but I am proud to say that I now see wealth and potential instead of poverty; everything is an opportunity!”

After graduation, Precious wants to take some time to decide her next steps. She hopes to eventually go to graduate school to study environmental protection or social entrepreneurship, and wants to open her own business someday. “I have a personal project back home, empowering women in a cooperative, giving them the tools for microfinance. We will make disposable sanitary pads made out of banana fiber. I want to create employment and share what I have learned in order to have social and environmental impact in my community. I want to invest in Uganda. I know how it operates; I want my impact to be in Uganda.”

I have been and continue to be supported…Growing professionally comes with building your experience and it’s exactly what the Fellowship Program has done for me. You gave me an opportunity and platform where I am able to accomplish this.– Precious

To MCF, she would like to say, “I am so grateful! My educational journey has been funded by different organizations. After high school, I had to take a gap year because I did not have funding. I dreamed of going to study abroad, and MCF made it possible. I give you credit for my intellectual and personal growth, and I thank you very much for your support”.

Post-graduation plan: Upon returning to Uganda, Precious will work on personal projects and seek employment.



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