The Mastercard Foundation - EARTH University Fellowship Program

Yusuf Yasin Abdirahman

Country: Somaliland
Track: Employment
Position: Agricultural Technical Advisor
Host company/organization: Agribridge Somalia
About position: Nyasha supports the sourcing and management of CNG’s project development activities in South Africa. He also assists in evaluating suitable Agriculture Land Management and Improved Land Management carbon credit methodologies.

Nyasha finished his graduation project called A Study of Endophyte Fungi Populations in Three Different Banana Production Systems. His plans after graduation are to complete a Master’s in climate change and sustainable development at University of Cape Town. He wants to specialize in environmental sciences.

As his time at EARTH is coming to a close, Nyasha reflects on his time here and says that EARTH has made a very positive impact on his life. “I was able to meet so many different cultures, that, otherwise, I would’ve never met. It has taught me to face and meet challenges and to be respectful of the opinions of others. I think EARTH has opened many doors for me and helped me see agriculture in a different way.”

Nyasha wants to return to his home country and work in community development with small-scale farmers. He wants to teach them about resilience in agriculture and how to combat and mitigate climate change. He would also like to train them to improve water management and preservation of biodiversity.

I have been able to begin establishing a network of professionals through which I now feel confident in navigating as a professional and which has given me a chance to quickly adapt back home…There is so much I have been able to learn. It’s been a unique experience for me, that I am doing things [and] I am also studying for my graduate studies.– Nyasha

To his donors, he would like to say: I greatly appreciate your support through my four years of undergraduate studies. I want to influence young people to become future agronomists like me. Thank you because all of this is thanks to your help.

Post-graduation plan: Nyasha will return to Somalia to work in the banana sector, and later apply to a Master’s program.



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