The Mastercard Foundation - EARTH University Fellowship Program

Godwell Manda

Country: Malawi
Track : Employment
Position: Research Assistant
Host company/organization: IITA Malawi
About position:Godwell prepares materials for field trials and assists in data collection, entry, and analysis. He also contributes to the preparation of quarterly and technical reports.

Godwell completed a graduation project called A New Approach to Predict Nutrient Content in Soil using NIR Spectroscopy and Machine Learning. “This project was a combination of Geographic Information System (GIS) and soil science, where I was developing a digital soil map and giving recommendations in one of the academic farms within the campus with the idea of reducing the costs and maximizing production.”

He did his fifteen-week internship at Fertileva, a company based in Puglia, Italy, specializing in organic fertilizers. “Communication was a daily challenge because I do not speak Italian and my supervisor does not speak English. But we understood each other with the help of a translator app. During this internship I enhanced my industrial technical skills as well as my leadership skills through community work. It exceeded my expectations.”

Regarding his experience at the University, Godwell says, “EARTH University has strengthened both my professional development as well as personal development. I am very enthusiastic about precision and organic farming. My interests in precision stem from acquiring necessary skills that can be used to implement in my home country-Malawi among the rural farmers.” Godwell has also enjoyed working at the Soil and Water Science Lab since his second year, where he has cemented his skills in soil analysis interpretation.

As a Fellow for the Mastercard Foundation – EARTH University Fellowship Program, he is gaining professional experience with a host partner for one year in Malawi, his home country. Godwell works as a Research Assistant at IITA-Lilongwe station in Chiredze, Malawi.

To his donors at the Mastercard Foundation, Godwell would like to say,

Thank you for the best opportunity that I have ever had in my life. I am able to narrate my experiences which are in line of my passion because of your help through EARTH University.– Godwell



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