The Mastercard Foundation - EARTH University Fellowship Program

Alex Kyeyune

Country: Uganda
Track: Employment
Position: Technical Advisor, Animal Feed Formulation
Host company/organization: Conversion Feeds Limited
About position: Alex provides technical support and customized nutrition ratio mixing of pig feeds on clients’ farms.

Alex is in fourth year and finishing a graduation project called: Development and Evaluation of Activated Clay Products as Mycotoxin Adsorbent in Livestock Feeds. After graduation he will go to Colorado to complete Watson Institute’s Semester Incubator, a 4-month program preparing next-generation innovators and social entrepreneurs to launch social ventures and unleash a lifetime of impact.

Alex will then return to Uganda where he has been hired as the principal of a new primary and secondary school in the town of Lutembe. The school is brand new and is undergoing construction at the moment. It will hold approximately 400 students, and is being sponsored by an NGO called God Loves Kids. The name of the school will most likely be Phillips International Careers School. He plans to start as Director in May of 2019.

About his time at EARTH, he mentions that the most important skills he obtained while he was here were those of entrepreneurship, and he plans to replicate EARTH’s educational model in his new school. He thinks that EARTH has helped him think like a business man and has helped him see challenges as opportunities.

“Since I’ve made so many friends from all over the world, I’ve learned to change my perspective on things. I have especially learned to listen to others. When we are young we feel like we know everything, but we need to learn from others and listen to one another.” To his sponsors, he would like to say:

I want to thank Mastercard Foundation for believing in me and trusting me with such great investment for four years. My life has been transformed. Thank you so much! – Alex



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