Joubert Fayette (’07, Haiti)

Joubert Fayette (’07, Haiti)

A firm believer that “education is the key to success,” following graduation from EARTH Joubert completed a masters and doctorate in plant pathology at the University of Florida. He is now back in Haiti determined to create educational opportunities for disadvantaged young men and women.

Joubert is currently a postdoctoral researcher at SARD (Support to the Agricultural Research and Development), a USAID-funded project in Haiti. He conducts applied research in plant pathology and is responsible for the project’s plant disease clinic, which helps farmers diagnose diseases and provides guidance on preventative and control measures. He has also participated in radio programs on plant health.

While Joubert is a skilled plant pathologist, teaching is his true passion and a “dream come true.”

Joubert Fayette (’07, Haiti)“We are working in very disadvantaged regions of the country. It is an enormous challenge and honor to teach boys and girls who come from very humble families. I am filled with excitement every time I am in class with my students,” says Joubert who teaches at the Centre de Formation Fritz Lafontant.

As an EARTH graduate, Joubert is committed to sharing EARTH’s vision with as many Haitians as possible and believes that his role as an educator is the best way to achieve that mission. In the short term, Joubert is also addressing the country’s high unemployment and under-developed agricultural sector by starting a farm of his own. The 10-hectare farm, located in his birthplace village of Carice in the Northeast Department, is mainly dedicated to passion fruit production. With this venture, he is not only creating jobs but also encouraging other colleagues to invest in agriculture in Haiti.

“My entrepreneurial mentality is possibly the most significant outcome of my student experience at EARTH,” affirms Joubert. He adds that EARTH prepares students to face challenges and create opportunities for other people.

Joubert and his family are deeply grateful for the opportunity he had to study at EARTH, and now, he says, it is time for him to share his knowledge and experience with young people in Haiti.

“This is why I decided to return to Haiti, which without a doubt needs professionals to prepare the next generation.”