Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Solomon Zena / Ethiopia

Class of 2016-2019

Scholar: Shewarega Kibru Scholar: Stephanny María Arévalo Sequeira

Solomon is from a rural area on the edge of the Sahara desert in Ethiopia. When he was young, he went straight home after school to begin working with his father planting teff, maize, barley, avocadoes, and vegetables on the terraced slopes of the semi-desert soil. Despite early hardships, he qualified for a life-changing scholarship from the Ethiopian Education Foundation to attend a boarding school called the School of Tomorrow (SoT).

Solomon heard about EARTH through a SoT supervisor who thought it would be a perfect fit for him. “An EARTH education will help me reach my goal of becoming Ethiopia’s Minister of Agriculture.” Ultimately, he wants to teach farmers in his country to produce crops sustainably with new techniques that will allow them to grow more effectively in the desert.