Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Salvador Angulo / Costa Rica

Province: Edén de Guatuso
City/Town: Alajuela
Age: 19

Class of 2014-2017

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Scholar: Salome Chitibula Scholar: Sandra Peachy Kalua

Salvador is from the small community of Eden de Guatuso, located in the central valley of Costa Rica.

His oldest brother is an EARTH graduate, and Salvador grew up appreciating the value of agronomy, attending an agricultural high school where he gained experience in livestock, crop cultivation and post-production methods.

Salvador is especially interested in the waste management field and is already planning ways to implement his knowledge back home. “I think that there should be many more laws in Costa Rica about recycling and correctly classifying waste because no one does it, and it is so important. One day I would like to create a recycling center in my community.”