Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Salome Chitibula / Ghana

Class of 2016-2019

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Scholar: Saeed Mohamud Farah Scholar: Salvador Jesús Angulo Méndez

Salome is from a rural area in northern Zambia. Almost everyone in Salome’s family are farmers, and she grew up helping her mom and grandparents cultivate maize and beans and rear chickens. After experiencing challenges in her early years, she was awarded a CAMFED scholarship and was able to continue her studies. She excelled in agriculture, geography, and biology classes and took on leadership roles, including Prefect and School Captain.

Salome looks forward to further developing her leadership skills and learning more about the scientific and engineering aspects of agriculture. “I want to expand my family’s farm and pass my knowledge on to my mom so she can be a supervisor, because she has been working too hard for so long. Most people don’t value agriculture so we don’t have a stable agriculture industry. There isn’t enough knowledge about new methods and practices that will allow us to produce lots of food.”