Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Saeed Mohamud Farah / Somaliland

Province: Sanaag
City/Town: Ceel Afweyn
Age: 20

Class of 2015-2018

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Scholar: Robin Manfred García Araya Scholar: Salome Chitibula

Saeed is from the rural village of Ceel Afweyn in eastern Somaliland. Saeed grew up on his family’s farm and has a wealth of experience in agriculture, from herding sheep and goats to growing cash crops. He won a scholarship to attend the Abaarso School of Science and Technology, where he was a member of a school service organization dedicated to finding ways to grow plants in the dry desert climate called “Operation Green”.

He heard about EARTH through classmates that are currently studying at the University and was excited to learn about the agricultural and environmental focus. He says, “There are environmental threats that occur in my country due to ignorance, most residents fail to understand the importance of caring for the environment. I want to be a leader in agriculture and help my community to understand how they can use the available sources in the country in the best and most productive way.”

Saeed adds that his first goal is “to help my family and my community, and ultimately Somaliland. If you know how to use what you have wisely, you can do a lot with very little.”