Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Memory Varaidzo / Zimbabwe

Class of 2016-2019

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Scholar: Memory Nakazwe Scholar: Mika Mzumara

Memory is from a village in Central Zimbabwe. Growing up on her grandparent’s small farm, she developed a wealth of experience in agriculture. “Our life was based on agriculture, we all worked in the field.” Memory chose to take agriculture classes starting in primary school and did several research projects. In high school, with a small loan from Campaign for Female Education (CAMFED), Memory started her own poultry project. She managed to save enough money to pay outstanding high school fees and pass her exams with distinction. Her business grew substantially; they now have approximately 600 birds and have started growing soy to make their own feed concentrate.

Memory heard about EARTH through CAMFED. “I consider further studies at EARTH as an important step in the growth of my business. I want to play a critical role in transforming people’s lives for the better. With agriculture I can be my own boss; the soil is there, it just needs someone willing to work it.”