Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Ana González / Nicaragua

Class of 2018-2021

Scholar: Allan Busuulwa Scholar: Andrea Rubí Pecho Zorrilla

Ana Marian, from Jinotega, Nicaragua, remembers having a passion for agriculture since she was a little girl. Ana Marian heard about EARTH from a graduate who helped her fill out the application and told her about the educational model. “I was looking for a career in zoology or agriculture, and when I heard about EARTH I knew right away this would be the place for me.”

Ana Marian would like to help her community members improve their everyday life by teaching them agricultural practices that are environmentally friendly and will increase productivity. She wants to start a business where she can offer guidance to small producers. “Where I come from, agriculture is done without any technical knowledge, without caring for the planet. Farmers mean well, but they damage their surroundings without awareness of the effect in the future.”