Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Lópes Fernando / Mozambique

Promoción 2017-2020

Scholar: Lidia Gebremedhin Dilbato Scholar: Lucia Epur Lebasha

Lópes, from Mozambique, was raised in his grandmother’s house while his mom worked in the nearest city. At home he had responsibility for around 10 goats and 50 hens and participated in the agriculture club in high school, a boarding school in Manica province in western Mozambique. After high school, he created a project to feed people living with HIV/AIDS in his community, distributing the food to those in need without charge.

Lópes found EARTH through a representative who came to his high school. “It is so good to be here and learn so much from other people. Really, I would just love to help my people. I want to help the people get better nutrition; we need to produce more. I want to help people create their own businesses and be more self-sufficient.”