Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Jireh Mwamukonda / Malawi

Class of 2016-2019

Scholar: Jean Romé Malou Scholar: Johana Carmona Muñoz

Jireh is from Blantyre, the capital of Malawi. Though she grew up in an urban environment, she planted maize, beans and squash with her mother during the rainy season. A strong student, Jireh performed well in physical science, biology, geography and mathematics in primary and middle school and obtained such excellent results that she qualified to attend a government-run high school considered to be the best in Malawi.

When Jireh heard about EARTH University through a friend, she quickly recognized the opportunity to create positive change in Malawi. “With my EARTH education I want to teach others how to use our resources properly and make the world more sustainable. We have big problems with deforestation and we don’t know how to use our farmland properly to produce food for everyone.”