Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Jane Kapenda / Zambia

Class of 2017-2020

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Scholar: Jacquiline Nyawira Maina Scholar: Jean Fernando Randriamiajason

Jane is from the small village of Kaoma Nkeyema in Zambia, where farming is the main occupation. On their family farm they raise cows and chickens and grow corn and tobacco for selling, as well as other crops for personal consumption. Jane was sponsored by CAMFED throughout high school and led an agricultural club that taught other students proper farming techniques.

After she graduated high school, Jane spent a year working on her family’s farm. When she learned about EARTH from CAMFED, she knew she had to apply. “I wanted to come here to gain more knowledge so that by the time I finish, I can make my family and community different with better practices.” Jane is most interested in learning about plant cultivation. “I am excited about learning everything. I wish to know everything!