Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Godwell Manda / Malawi

Class of 2017-2020

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Scholar: Gerson Oswaldo Bringuez Martínez Scholar: Gustavo Adolfo Roa Acosta

Godwell is from the country of Malawi. In spite the recent loss of both parents, Godwell continued to participate in school events and lead projects, including the creation of a school composting project. “We called ourselves the Waste Management Crew.”

When Godwell heard about EARTH from a representative who came to his high school, he knew he needed to apply. He has several goals for when he graduates and returns to his community. “In my country most of the sustenance farmers don’t know how to add value to their products, so one thing I want to do is to try to teach them how to be more economically productive. Poverty in our community is severe. One of the things that government does is make people rely on it, rather than teaching people how to rely on themselves. I want to teach people to be more self-sufficient.”