Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Nyasha Fidelis Shumbayarerwa / Zimbabwe

Province: Masvingo
City/Town: Masvingo
Age: 20

Class of 2015-2018

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Scholar: Norman Mugisha Scholar: Oketch Peter Onyango

Nyasha is from Masvingo but he and his family frequently moved in between the city and the country; during the dry season they lived in town and his father taught high school and during the rainy season they went to work on the farm.

Nyasha chose to attend EARTH after his college counselor recommended it to him. He explains, “I liked that EARTH was a small school with people from around the world.” He goes on to say, “Going home is really important to me; I have a great attachment to my people, to my country. I want to be part of a larger group of people who are working for a better Zimbabwe. Agriculture is the basic industry that can make any African country move forward. Technologically speaking, we cannot compare to the Americas or Europe, but my insight is that agriculture is the solution for any African country to move forward, including Zimbabwe.”