Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Esnai Cleanwell / Malawi

Class of 2017-2020

Scholar: Erasmus Kabu Aduteyo Scholar: Esnath Divasoni

Though Esnai faced much loss early on in life, she has excelled and has given back to her community. In high school, she was part of a club that raised money for hospitals and orphanages by doing a variety of fundraisers. She also planted trees in her community, played soccer on her school team, and visited senior care homes in her community.

Esnai is interested in helping Malawi with their problem of deforestation and other agricultural issues, but she is also interested in changing the social norms through education. “Mostly I want to change the young girls’ mentality in my country because I think young girls are the ones who will bring the most change. When I was sixteen, my mom passed and I had no one except my sister to encourage me about school. Most of the things I was doing, I was doing them on my own. Many girls in my community will drop out in order to get married, and I want to emphasize education with girls.”