Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Erasmus Kabu / Ghana

Class of 2016-2019

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Scholar: Ephraim Abdi Debele Scholar: Esnai Cleanwell Munthali

Erasmus is the first person in his family to attend university. From a small rural farming community in Ghana, he has worked in many facets of agriculture throughout his life. He started on his family’s small farm growing cassava, maize, watermelon and tomatoes. Erasmus was able to attend high school in large part thanks to the financial contributions of an unmarried uncle, who helped Erasmus and his siblings with their school fees. He then graduated with honors with a technical degree in General Agriculture from Ohawu Agricultural College.

Erasmus heard about EARTH through a friend and after researching the University. He is especially eager to learn more about food processing and added value chains. “In Ghana, we have a big problem with post-harvest waste. If you can’t sell your food, it just rots at home or you give it away. I would like to learn how to process foods to address this issue. My ultimate goal is to build on everything that I already know in order to make big changes in my community.”