Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Elisabeth Bakoubolo / Togo

Class of 2017-2020

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Scholar: Diana Rebeca Ruíz Anaya Scholar: Ellina Chinangwa

Elisabeth is from a rural area in the country of Togo. She excelled academically in her French speaking public high school and led many activities after school such as tutoring her schoolmates in math. She was also involved in an agricultural club that raised crops to be sold in the surrounding community, with the profits providing resources for the school. “In my school we have plantations that we have to take care of, and I always enjoyed doing that work. We raised corn, bananas, and various types of beans.”

Her interest in agriculture motivated Elisabeth to apply to EARTH. Upon returning to her country, she wants to address the many environmental problems that affect her community, particularly pollution. “The first step will be to start my own farm and employ people from my community. I like helping people who need my help.”