Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Juliet Daniela Araníbar Luna / Peru

Province: Madre de Dios
City/Town: Puerto Maldonado
Age: 18

Class of 2015-2018

Scholar: Juan Bol Scholar: Karen Fiorella Tapia Delgado

Juliet is from Puerto Maldonado, a city located in the Amazonian region of Peru. Although she grew up in an urban setting, her parents have a small farm in the outskirts of the city where she learned to cultivate plantains, starfruit, maize and other crops.

Juliet heard about EARTH through alumna Sharmely Hilares (’14, Peru). She says, “I know that EARTH is going to give me the tools I need to fulfill my goal, which is to create sustainable fruit and tree plantations for exportation in my region. I hope to create jobs and provide an alternative to the illegal gold mining that is contaminating the Amazon.” She adds, “For me, being a leader of change means teaching others how to use nature for your own good but in a controlled and respectful way.”