Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Carlos Palma / Honduras

Province: Comayagua
City/Town: Pimientilla
Age: 22

Class of 2014-2017

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Scholar: Brenda Bih Chi Scholar: Carolina Aguilar Salazar

Carlos is from the village of Pimientilla, in the rural province of Comayagua.

He plans to spend his time at EARTH “learning about everything there is, filling myself with knowledge so I can put it all into practice back home to help my family and my community.” He is also excited to learn more about recycling, as he knows the basic principles that he was taught in school, but has never seen them put into practice.

One of his dreams is to return to Honduras and “create a source of employment to give people a comfortable salary, because people are desperate for jobs and will work for almost nothing because it’s either that or you don’t eat.”

Carlos’ philosophy can be summed up quite simply. “With hard work, you can achieve anything.”