Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Brenda Bih / Cameroon

Class of 2018-2021

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Scholar: Aymara Vanessa Paiva Gómez Scholar: Carlos Eliud Palma Murillo

Brenda comes from the capital city of Yaoundé, in the Center Province of Cameroon. She learned of EARTH University from her brother. “He told me about an announcement from EARTH Professor Tita Walter, who is from Cameroon.”

Brenda chose EARTH because it was unlike any university in her home country. “I want to help my country, poor people, hungry people. Even those with resources don’t eat a balanced diet. I want to change that. Being here at EARTH will help me to develop my country, to feed the poor and to support my home.”

Upon graduating, she looks forward to returning to Cameroon to work. “I’d like to open a plantation in my country so I can employ many people and teach them to get more from farming, to get the maximum output. I’d like to start a supermarket to sell products as well. I will make higher quality food cheaper, so I can feed the poor and improve nutrition.”