Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Aymara Paiva / Paraguay

Class of 2018-2021

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Scholar: Arnold Katende Scholar: Brenda Bih Chi

Aymara grew up along the Brazilian border in rural Villa Ygatimí, in the eastern department of Canindeyú, Paraguay. In boarding school she had the chance to create and operate a project for Fundación Paraguaya and was involved in the construction of a local garden using reclaimed supplies.

Aymara’s undeniable passion for feeding the world and reducing negative ecological impacts guided her decision to choose EARTH University. “Without agriculture, few would survive. I want to practice agriculture that doesn’t destroy the environment in order to feed us. Global warming, deforestation, and similar issues drive me. I want to address them through agronomy.”

When she graduates, Aymara hopes to actively lead a social enterprise involving agriculture that not only models the ecologically sound way of doing things and creates jobs for her neighbors, but also empowers women.