Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program
Abdirashiid Hassan / Somaliland

Class of 2017-2020

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Scholar: Aaron Josué Fernández Cubillo Scholar: Adonias Tafa Degefa

Abdirashiid grew up in Gabiley, Somiland, where the terrain is very dry and it rains only for six months of the year. Because agriculture is vital to the community, he learned very quickly the importance of maximizing the opportunity of the rainy season. Abdirashiid was very active in high school and received the award for outstanding student. He was also elected to the student government position of minister of education. “In high school, I proposed several conservation movements to my community that helped us take advantage of our environment, such as planting more trees and other ways to conserve more water.”

Abdirashiid heard about EARTH from graduates in his country as well as a representative who came to speak at his school. When he returns to Somaliland, he wants to start his own small business and provide employment opportunities to his fellow community members.